Zombies vs Runners 6K Marathon in Santo Domingo


          So, my cousin comes over and asks me if I wanted to go to the zombie marathon in the park and immediately I was interested. I mean I am absolutely afraid of zombies so there was no way I was gonna put myself in a situation where I’m being chased by them. I’ll just stick to watching the movies lol.


So I geared up and headed out hoping to get some cool photos and to give my maltipoo, chloe, some fresh air. My expectations for this event were low since a lot of the times events like these are half-assed, unorganized, or there’s always someone who doesn’t follow the rules and ruins it for the others. This time the lucky winner is the half-assed part! Despite this, I stlill had a blast watching people run from zombies or just get scared shitless by them.


The only thing I would complain about would be that the zombie to runners ratio was all off. There were about 100 runners or so and like 7 or 8 zombies. If i would have known in advanced, I would have definitely volunteered as a zombie. And these weren’t your zombieland kinda dead, where they’re limping and slowly staggering behind you. No. These zombies were on some 28 days later level where they are full on sprinting at you. See, every runner has a belt with 3 pieces of what resembles caution tape. These pieces are their lives and the zombies are basically hungry for the “lives” of the runners. If you lose your 3 lives you’re no longer eligible for the cash awards. Image


One of the bigger perks were that some of these people who volunteered to be zombies were REALLY into character which I absolutely LOVED. If they do this again next year I would definitely sign up for the role of a zombie! More pictures below.


This chick was my favorite of all the zombies.Image



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