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Computer Error!


There is nothing in the world more frustrating than spending an hour writing, what you think is, the most interesting piece of writing you’ve written so far for your blog and then within seconds it’s all gone! As you can already tell, this was my dilemma earlier in the week. I would have had something posted way earlier. Something Fantastic about fitting rooms and blah blah blah. But somewhere between proof-reading and publishing post I clicked on god knows what and all of my masterpiece was gone. I remembered thinking, “That’s right! This thing has like an autosave deal!” So, with GREAT hope I went into dashboard, drafts, and no luck it was gone. I can tell you one thing: I went to bed ANGRY. Maybe one day I’ll get motivated to rewrite it, maybe not, but I wanted to share.

What’s something computer related that makes you go off the deep end?

🙂 eileen


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