Procrastination Nation

Procrastination Nation

When it comes to getting things done, don’t count on me. Unless, you’re holding an assault weapon, then maybe we can work something out. But, no, really I have a serious problem with procrastination. It all starts from the moment I wake up. Unlike most people, I wake up pretty happy. Then again, most people have jobs that require them to get ready at the butt crack of dawn and I’m not most people. So, i wake up happy and the first thing I tell myself is

“Eileen, you gotta get up brush your teeth, make breakfast, remember you’re starting that diet so you cannot skip out on breakfast.”

But then my dog hears me wake up and she comes to say hi and omg she’s so cute the way she stretches her little paws out for me to just pick her up and place her on the bed with me! And I think to myself,

“well, a couple of minutes cuddling with this little doll isn’t gonna hurt.”

Only it does hurt because by the time i look at the clock I only have 30 mins to get ready, which isn’t enough for me to look my absolute best for the day.

Oh and don’t even get me started on test week! Usually I put all of my upcoming tests on my google calendar and I put alerts for the week or day prior to the test. Sort of to just remind me

“hey lady! Get to studying!”

I usually divide up the test material for everyday of the week leading up to the test which would prepare me beyond satisfaction but then I get home and I’m like,

“Oh heeeeeyy bed! You missed me? I missed you too.”

“Oh hheeeeey interwebz! New episode of AHS: coven?! Aww but I have to study. What? New episode of Scandal? I don’t even know what that is but okay.”

And like Batman always just appears out of the shadows, so does my test. I end up cramming, I NEVER get through all of the material, and by the day of the test I look like a walking dead zombie who just happened to overdose on coffee. Consequently, I end up being a C average student.

Procrastination is soooo bad, but why does it feel soooo goooooood?!


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