More Writing about…..Me

As I get older…

As i get older I feel like I’m developing backwards. I’ve always assumed that getting older means having more responsibilites, being mature, creating structure for yourself, having a routine, and basically being every adult I ever saw in the movies. You know, those adults that wake up in the morning to make their kids breakfast, make themselves coffee, and then commute into town to sit at a desk in a super fabulous suit and talk business all day. Even in college I always imagined myself as this girl who would sit at her desk for hours enveloped in her textbooks and lecture notes. But the reality is….it’s not my reality. I’m not this person. I’m the complete opposite. As much as I’d like to be this uber productive human being, unfortunately, I feel like my actions are still those of an uninspired teenager. I’d rather sleep in till Noon and lay in bed cruising the internet and watching stuff on netflix all day. The thing that bothers me is that I wasn’t like this before. Now that Spring Break is here I vow to do a couple of things, some that will hopefully turn into daily habits and others that will just get me out of the house.

1. Wake up early just because.

2. Go biking every Sunday.

3. Finish reading that book i bought over winter break “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman

4. Go out for walks….and take my dog with me.

5. Save Money for a future adventure.

6. Invite friends out for lunch.

7. Go to the Gym more routinely.

8. Eat out less. Cook more at home.

9. Study a subject I didn’t do so well at in school.

10. _______________________.

Maybe someone could suggest a number 10. Something that makes for a better quality of life. Something fun. Something free. Anything. 🙂


4 thoughts on “More Writing about…..Me

  1. make something, do a diy project, like make your own soap without chemicals or draw or journal just for fun.

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