My Favorite Part of Taking a Shower :)


I hope I’m not the only one when it comes to this, but I think that annoying someone to death is absolutely hilarious. Of course it shouldn’t be done often or you’ll be remembered as “that one ex-girlfriend/boyfriend that i couldn’t stand.” Everyone has that one person be it a sibling, parent, friend, or S.O, that you love to purposely annoy; for me it is my boyfriend. I guess I’m pretty old school at annoying him because its the method used mostly by children and consists of constantly calling out his name until he answers. Oh, it doesn’t stop there. The bar of annoyance is only slightly filled. After finally getting a very aggravated “WHAT?” I continue to ask him tons of questions over and over again. Sometimes they’re random questions about random things and very rarely i’ll begin with one question and then ask “why” over and over and over again. This will get the annoyance bar halfway filled. Sometimes they foolishly think that by ignoring you or pretending it doesn’t bother them they can get you off their back. But i assure you this will backfire. At this time I bring back the calling out his name a gajillion times. What do you think  that does? This is where I get the most of the bar filled. Bc all of the name calling will build up this tension inside him which he won’t be able to hold in and eventually it will cause him to let out a great big “WHAT DO YOU WANT?!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” 🙂 I usually do this while i’m in the shower and he’s chilling on the bed. Once my shower is done i utter an amused “okay” and it’s over. LOL. Of course before annoying someone you should know their limits. And never let it go on for too long or you might make your subject actually more angry than annoyed.


Have a Happy, Relaxed Sunday!



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