I Don’t Mean to Poke Fun but Something Must Be Done…

Have you ever heard anyone say that the eyebrows are the most important feature? This is because they help to frame the artwork that is the face. Well, if not then you’ve heard it here first! Whether you’ve noticed or not, just like a hairstyle, a piece of clothing or a dance craze, eyebrows have been subjected to being a trend throughout history. Of course, with every new trend comes someone who is simply doing it wrong. Let’s go on a journey through time, shall we?


1920s: The trend for eyebrows was primarily a dark, thin, and relatively straight line that sometimes curved downwards.


And then there’s this:




1940’s/50’s: Eyebrows became bushier with a high arch.


Others were not getting the concept



1960’s: All about Thick eyebrows!


The not so pretty:


1980’s: BUSHY, BOLD and a bit unkempt.


OK, i couldn’t actually find any horrible 80’s eyebrows but, how exactly do you mess up natural thick eyebrows?


1990s/2000s: Soft Barely There Brows. Long, Short, Arched, Not Arched, Straight, or Rounded… didn’t matter.


Now I don’t know if they inspired gwen stefani or vice versa but lets hope this mistake gets kept locked up for a long time!


At last! The eyebrow faux pas that inspired me to do this blog post in the first place!!!!


2010’s: When done correctly this eyebrow trend looks neat, clean, and well defined. Usually a fuller brow either completely filled in or with a subtle ombre going through it.





I think no matter what the trend for eyebrows are you should always stick to what compliments your face. Even in middle school i longed to have the thin eyebrows everyone sported but my mom wouldn’t let me telling me that my naturally thick eyebrows looked nice on my face. Don’t make overly drawn eyebrows or overly drawn lip liner the focus when people look at you; make their eyes wander! Studies have shown that when looking at the face more people find faces that are symmetrical and proportionate to be attractive ( So, if you’ve got these super dark and large eyebrows looming over your eyes, you may just be distracting people from the larger picture. YOU!  ❤

Hope you’re having a wonderful week 🙂


*Disclaimer: This post is not intended to humilate or offend anyone. It is based solely on opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinions.










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