Under the influence

Drugs can be a pretty scary thing. My experimentation with them has been quite positive thanks to my very over protective friends. While they were off doing the “harder” drugs I was either observing or off in my own mild wonderland. That’s all behind me now and I don’t feel the desire to be under the influence of drugs but I still find them interesting. I find interesting the way in which they influence the brain but more than anything, I find interesting how people perceive the world or even themselves while using. I’ve stumbled across an interesting article where the author explores what sex is like under the influence of drugs. This article was interesting and quite entertaining to read Also, there is an artist who took a different drug everyday and drew himself while high. This one is an oldie but a goodie and some of those drawings are pretty creepy and illustrate how drugs can really mess with your mind. As you could probably guess this guy suffered some brain damage. Here are the links to these two sites: 

I Did It For Science: What Sex Is Like On Every Drug 

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Drugs


Happy Reading!




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