Funny · Personal

Farewell, Mother.

As she double checked her luggage, jumbling and fumbling what had already been neatly folded and placed, she caught sight of a tan shirt and pulled it out. 

“Eileen!!……Eileen!!” she called. “Is this yours?”

I walked over to her and examined the shirt. Very confidently I answered, “No ma, that’s not mine. It’s definitely yours.”

She furrowed her brow and gave me a look. She could have easily had a sign on her forehead that read DOUBT.

“Are you sure? Because this is a v-neck shirt and I don’t wear v-neck shirts.” Slowly my face became more and more confused and I stared at her in complete amusement. She looked down at herself and realized she happened to be wearing a black v-neck t-shirt.

“Yeah, I don’t think this is mine either” she said.


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