Introducing: my little garden!

I did it! I went to the garden store, without the intention of buying anything, just to see if they had roses and what variety. Next thing you know I’m putting a couple in the trunk of my car! Lol. I admit I’m a little worried because I feel like I still don’t know enough about caring for roses but I’m hoping I can go step by step. The moment I saw what looked like the care 2000 rose I went nuts. Now looking back at the picture I don’t think what I bought was care 2000 but it’s just as pretty. I also saw the president Herbert Hoover rose but it didn’t look as nice, so instead I picked out a bright yellow sunshiny rose. Maybe, it will bring joy and positivity to my inner being. Lol.

Sorry for the low quality pics. I will take better ones later on.





If anyone has like a really simple gardening guide website I could read or even any personal knowledge and tips, I would greatly appreciate it. I don’t want for my gardening career to be short lived. Lol. I’m also very confused with pruning and fertilizer. When is it the right time for either of these??

Till luego,

Eileen ❤


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