“They stole my wedding!” she cried.

A wedding is a very important event to a girl. A lot of women have had their wedding planned and envisioned since their teenage years. I started planning my wedding only 5 years ago. It started with what I’d like my wedding dress to look like and when me and my boyfriend reached 2 years together I went wedding wild. I planned absolutely everything: color theme, reception tables, flowers, grooms suit, bridesmaid dresses, right down to the silverware. Recently, a cousin of mine popped the question to his girlfriend and she happily accepted. This cousin and I were somewhat close seeing as he lived right down the street from me and I was happy for him. One day he came over and asked me for ideas on a location to have his wedding. I love planning and showcasing, so I showed him a couple of places that i had in mind for my own wedding. Since it was more than one venue, I didn’t mind if he chose one of the ones I liked. I told him he came to the right person because I pretty much had my wedding planned. On my computer I have a folder with images of everything I want to incorporate in my wedding and he caught glimpse at it. I showed him a couple of pictures of what my dream wedding would include. Never in my life would it have crossed my mind that he would use my ideas.

I couldn’t attend his wedding because of economic and work related issues but I was excited for him. He’s the first of the family to get married and have a wedding! The day after the wedding I go into FB and I see the family have posted pictures of some of the wedding. I oooh and aahhh at how beautiful the bride is, along with bridesmaids and all of the family so dressed up. Something seemed very familiar to me about the grooms suit and as i flicked through the rest of the pictures I noticed the reception tables were VERY similar to what I had shared with him. My face slowly grew red and hot with anger. After the anger, I became sad. Sad because I wouldn’t be able to have the wedding I originally planned. I want my wedding to be something fresh and new that maybe others haven’t experienced and if I decided to keep my original it wouldn’t feel that way because my color scheme was already done. 

Tears came to my eyes. After a while I thought to myself, “whatever, i will pick a different color scheme and make it a wonderful event for myself as well as my guests because life goes on.”

But still, it kinda sucks. 


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