What is the first step to becoming a more fashionable me?


This is a serious question of mine. I want to know the very first thing that can help push me to be a bit more fashionable. Remember when getting dressed was so easy? Vintage t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers were enough for people to give a compliment and in turn make me feel good about what I was wearing. Of course that was when I was anywhere from 16-19 years old. Now I’m 26 and it seems like fashion is so much more important! Especially here in the Dominican Republic, where girls dress like they’re going to shoot for a spread in vogue just to go have drinks at a sports bar! I feel like at some point, I was a bit more fashionable, so what happened? And also, where are all the more voluptuous fashion bloggers because it seems that most of the fashion blogs i visit are of girls who can fit into a size 2-4 and it makes me feel like i need to be a smaller size for things to look and feel good.

So basically, I want to up my closet game a bit. Any tips? Advice? Speeches? Anything!


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