Vlogging 0.5 tiny update

So….YAY for me i actually vlogged a little this week! Only a little because after awkwardly talking into a camera phone for 2 days and downloading the wordpress app I discovered I can’t directly upload any video here, which is actually super disappointing. So i downloaded the youtube capture app which lets me splice and dice parts of each recorded video and upload directly to my youtube channel that I can then embed into my blog. Once I started the actual upload, it showed me that it would actually take more than 24 hours to upload to youtube. HOLY sh*t ballz. Thats toooo much. So now, I guess, I have to download some kind of video editor, transfer my videos from my phone to the laptop and proceed to edit. Seems like a lot of work for the lazy person that I am. Luckily, for anyone interested in me vlogging, I am about 40% committed to making this a thing. So, as we speak I am searching for some free video editing programs to try out to make this……a thing.

Thanks for reading/listening!



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