Romance is truly dead/ Homesick for the holidays.

Or maybe, I’ve just watched too many holiday romantic comedies lately. Am I truly alone when I say this though? I mean just once I’d like to be swept off my feet by something romantic that my “other half” put thought and effort into. But for a while (and especially in this country) it seems that the general consensus is that money makes the man and that may be enough. While that may be true for some women, it certainly is not for me. How about a picnic in the botanical gardens? Or a day visiting the museum, while holding hands and laughing at whatever’s hanging on the wall? Take me bowling! Or to an arcade. How about flowers every once in a blue. I’m just tired of netflix and no real companionship. Lately, I have to fight for attention; it’s me versus the cell phone and usually the cell phone wins. But there’s nothing more frustrating than talking your heart out only to find out mid sentence that he hasn’t been listening to one word. I always have to plan activities or romantic getaways and for once i’d like to be the one surprised that the other has planned an activity or a romantic getaway. Maybe I’m so sappy because I’m stuck on this island for the holidays. Away from my family and not being able to see my friends after a whole two years without seeing them (my friends). Not to mention my grandfather passed away a couple of days ago and i don’t want my mom to spend christmas alone, and even if she’s not alone i want her to spend christmas with me. Blah. Gonna keep my spirits high. Just had to get it out of my system.

Thanks for listening,



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