Sneak Peek into My Goals for 2015!!!


It’s important to set goals and, quite frankly, I don’t do it enough! Setting goals is easy though, the hard part is sticking to them. But this grumpy cat (aka me) is feeling quite optimistic with this new year. So, I am setting goals and relying on social media and my friends and family to keep me motivated and not give up so fast!

#1 bitchgostudy

This will be my lock screen. So I’m always reminded that if i have time to play stick ninja hero, I most definitely have time to open a book and study. I so often cram for exams because of my procrastination problem and I end up doing not as great as I know I can do on exams. Besides, I’m so close to finishing school (I only have 3 quarters left!!) that failing anything would delay my graduation even more and most likely drive me to the looney bin. I plan to not cram, make a study schedule, do away with distractions, and most importantly reward myself! I have to trick my mind into thinking that sticking to that study schedule is just as good as buying a new leather MK purse, or even better….a nice slice of TRES LECHE.


As I’m getting older I’m running into all these concerns about my health and one major contributor is my MOUTH! I have to be more aware of what I’m putting into my body and the effects that can take course if I’m over eating. Obesity, kidney stones, cholesterol, it’s all pretty scary! Less sugar and more veggies is the way to go.

#3 exercise

The struggle is REAAAALLL. I have been struggling with my weight for quite a while. It seems like whenever I start to see some kind of good change in my body I feel like it’s okay to relax and eat a bit more of the things I like. I end up going overboard and ditching the whole system! This time I feel very determined. I’m 26 and I’m at that stage where I’m almost ready to have kids but i want to be in good health when that time comes, not just for myself but for my baby! Also, just seeing my body how I’ve always wanted it to look would just send me over the moon with happiness. I’m ready for this. Fitness Goal Locked!

#4 moar

And by moar I mean More BLOGGING! Enuff sed. I just need to blog some more. I’m always full of ideas on things to write about and I just don’t do it. Blame it on my CPS…chronic procrastination syndrome.

My other goals include things like:

  • calling my family more often
  • being more optimistic
  • embracing my weird and not care so much how others perceive me
  • become more independent
  • stop fearing the world
  • be cleaner (washing more dishes *__*)
  • put myself more before others

Happy New Year everyone and I hope everyone of you reach the goals you’ve made for yourself!




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