Hello?? Where have you guys been?

Ok, fine fine, it’s actually me who has gone missing but just like a lost puppy, I find my way back home. Ahhh, home. The blogging sphere, the place where I feel like I can be my inner fashion blogger self. Or just the place where I can keep myself a little bit more positive since I am quite the pessimist. If you don’t know I am a veterinary medicine student studying abroad so that takes its toll on my time and it sure doesn’t help that I can be disorganized and pretty lazzyyy. The reason why I have decided to write today is because of a cousin of mine. I went on a mini shopping spree with the objective of being bold and purchasing items I would not usually wear or think that I can’t pull off. Immediately the next day, excited about my purchase, I put on one of the outfits. It was nothing out of this world but it was big for me because I don’t ever wear skirts or dresses unless there’s a special occasion or it’s a clubbing kind of night. 

A quote I found on Twitter that inspired me to let go a little:

The first step to becoming fabulous is to stop saying ‘I can’t pull that off’

 So, I went to my cousins house and took pics of myself in her mirror and I felt really good about myself and how I looked. I have to admit lately I’ve gained a bit of weight because I decided, for right now, school is more important than how I look in a bikini. But that day I felt marvelous no matter what the scale had told me.  As she took my picture and I changed up the poses, I said something to the effect of “my inner fashion blogger is coming out”, and I laughed. My cousin responded with “you could be one!” I laughed it off and said I don’t have the discipline to dedicate one or two days out the week to sit down and write. And anyway, today’s bloggers seem to have such lavish lifestyles how could I compete? I mean if I’m not at school I’m at home either studying or watching Netflix. And I don’t work so shopping/hauls would be like a once every blue moon. I set all those thoughts aside and realized that blogging is something that I like to do and instead of making all these excuses and always thinking I can’t, i should start saying I can and just see where it takes me. I know at the end of it all I’m going to be a happier person. 

Thanks for listening! I leave you with pictures of the day I felt super stylish 🙂 



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