50 Shades of Brown —> Yeezy Fashion Show 2015

Earlier today I was just minding everyone elses business, aka on Facebook, and I came across a picture of Kanye Wests’ fashion line this year. Pretty much it was a repeat of last years collection but this time it was in this “just rolled around in the dirt” kind of color and a lot of nudes.  We all know that Kanye has this different sense of fashion, IMG_2486[1]so the actual clothes should be of no surprise to anyone but as always there are people who have something to say as if it has never been seen before. So here some of my favorites as scrolled through the comments section of this picture to the right. Untitled


Untitled2 Untitled3 Untitled4 Untitled5 Untitled6Untitled7

To sort of come to Kanyes defense, independently there are some great pieces in this collection. Obviously, the way he has things paired up is a little on the homeless looking end of the spectrum but fashion is what you make it. We don”t necessarily need to wear it the way he presented it in his fashion show. Now, would I ever dish out the cash that some of these VERY basic pieces come attached with? No. Maybe if it were like fireproof and occasionally turned into a jet that could fly me out to anywhere I pleased, but even then i’m not so sure. season1 CPCi-yXWEAUTPPF

Thanks for exploring with me and reading my thoughts!

Until next time ❤



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