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My First Dominican Basball Game

It’s crazy how sometimes in a photograph you can tell how truly happy you are in that moment. This was a moment a true happiness for me. I was happy that I was invited out in the first place, happy to be participating in a social event, happy to just be out of the house, happy to  be surrounded by complete strangers but With United spirits. I didn’t have to know their names, we all understood we were out to have a good time. My body had been craving something new and different; an adventure! Something I could call home and tell mom, or dad, or my bestie about. I was cheering and drinking and singing songs and clapping my hands and it was an absolute delight! I have to try my hardest to make moments like these happen or else i will always just be a slave to my bed and Which I hear is a common problem amongst people my age ( damn you Netflix!). 


Thanks for listening, you are truly appreciated in this space!

Love, Eileen. 


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