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Relax, Regroup, and Realign: Bathtime Routine

This is for THOSE days; the days that seem the hardest and we just need to take a deep breath and relax. When I’m having that kind of day nothing lifts my spirit like a nice long shower/bath full of pick-me-up aromas and music! If you haven’t tried it, you MUST!  Our sense of smell isn’t as good as a dogs but it does  play a role in our emotions and our physical and mental well-being. Ever notice how easy and yummy it is to fall asleep with freshly washed sheets?  Or how even before opening the doors of a bakery the smell of freshly baked bread makes us giddy? Or maybe that’s just me lol. As far as music, I’m sure I don’t have to explain how music can trigger just about any kind of emotion. So I want to share a couple of my favorite bathtime smells, or products, that really lift my spirits when I’m feeling down. Also a nice little playlist with soothing notes that will get you out of your rut in no time! 

 First thing’s first, light a candle! The warm light alone will bring a calmness to your heart, the smell that comes with it will elevate you. This candle is from Bath and Body Works and it is called London Tea and Lemon. At first the smell reminded me of something very familiar and then it hit me. This candle smells exactly like lemon iced tea, well duh! It is lemon tea! But for me the smell was quite sweet and it helped to  make me smile.  
Next, bring out those body washes girl! Not only do washes come in a very large variety of fragrances but they also help to make our skin feel so incredibly smooth! It’s kind of crazy because I started using body wash not too long ago and it was just like “where have you been all my life??” I’m obsessed with this duo from Jafra. One is a shower gel and the other is a body scrub. Just so you get an idea of what it smells like, the bottle describes it as “a sea of delicate florals and a watery blend of green citrus notes”. I actually don’t even think that description does it justice but please trust me when I say the scent is incredibly soothing.

I also swear by St. Ives products. Besides the fact that it got me through a terrible breakout earlier this year, the green tea gel cleanser smells amazing and also gives the skin a minty feeling which leaves me quite refreshed. I used the combination seen in the picture plus a skin moisturizer and my skin was silky smooth within about a month.

Last but not least, shampoo! The smell of your shampoo will travel with you all day/night so why not choose a smell that brightens your mood?! I just purchased this combo today to see if I can revive my curls and I fell in love with the scent. It has a hint of salon washed hair but a bit more mild. I’m terrible at describing these scents but I’m sure while you’re picking up essentials you can give this baby a whiff and decide for yourself. 


Here is my rainy day playlist. I hope you enjoy these just as much as I did.

1. XO- John Mayer

2. Suitcase- Emeli Sande

3. Daydreamer- Adele

4. Cannonball- Damien Rice

5. What Means the Most- Colbie Caillat

6. Love Will Take You- Angus & Julia Stone

7. Standing in Front of You- Kelly Clarkson

8. Whatever it Takes- Michael Buble

9.  It’s a Lovely Day – Amber Claire

Thanks for listening you guys 🙂



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