Planning My Next Adventure

Before 2015 ended I made a list in my little book of things of places I had to visit in the DR in 2016. Well it is March and I have only managed to get one adventure crossed off the list. Sad, isn’t it? Truth is I thought that with school out of the way I would have more than enough time to be able to knock each item on the list off of it quite swiftly. But since the creation of that list I have managed to pick up an internship at a vet clinic hoping to gain some practice and experience in my field, so I actually don’t have the time that I thought I would. Next week is the much awaited Spring Break (Semana Santa) here in the Dominican Republic and I thought I should look around online for any excursions that I can cross off my list! So I definitely can’t wait to share that here with you! In the meanwhile though, take a look at my last adventure where me and my friends visit a gorgeous waterfall named El Salto de Limon and Playa Bonita located in Samana, Dominican Republic.



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