Because I Am SUCH a Giving Person!

I have found two AMAZING online sales that I hope many of you reading can benefit from. I am not quite the fashionista I would like to be but I can certainly recognize a good sale when I see it. has up to 50% off on select styles…50%!!! I do a lot of window shopping on Missguideds’ site because I am quite the cheapo and spending 50 bucks on a dress seems like a bit much but at 50% off who can resist?? There are things, dresses, on there priced as low as $8.50. It’s ridiculous so go get you some’in new boooo. ❤



That’s not the only sale I have for you though. If you’re anything like me, you may be a tad obsessed (a tad *cough*) with makeup. Well tell me how much you love me after you take advantage of the sale on They have these incredible bundle sets for $60 usd and under. I saw this sale on Ashley K. Holms instagram account and she had on this beautiful purplish creamy looking lipstick and i had to have it. If you don’t know, Ash K. Holm is a blogger and professional makeup artist that I found through a youtube personality named Trisha Paytas. I’ve always been obsessed with Trishas’ makeup looks so I had to follow the mastermind behind those looks. I’m in the process of buying the Party Pout Bundle which brings a lipstick, liquid lipstick, ANNDD lipgloss for $20 usd. Freaking AMAZING. Check out their other bundles and don’t miss out!! I’m begging you.




Let me know if you’d like a review on the products 🙂


❤ Eileen





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