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I’ve Become an Addict??

One of the downers of living on an island is that shopping (especially for makeup) can be quite limited. Drugstore brands, which are supposed to be more affordable, are more expensive than you’d find them in the states! And (did anyone else learn in school that you should never start a sentence with “and”?) the only high end makeup store is MAC, which explains why almost everything I have is MAC haha. Usually I save up a couple dollas and wait till I can make it to the states during the holidays to purchase everything I’ve ever seen talked about on youtube, pretty much. So, maybe you’re thinking to yourself “well why don’t you just buy it online?” And yes, I have an answer for that. You see, everything ordered from outside of the country gets weighed and i have to pay an extra charge (on top of the shipping) for every pound. That includes the material it comes shipped in. So unless it’s something that absolutely can’t wait, I don’t make it a habit of shopping online.




I have run into more online deals and sales than you can possibly imagine and that caused my brain, not to mention my pockets, to go into overload. I silently cry as I metaphorically pour my alcoholic drink on my Kate Spade wallet. Oh, and did I mention it’s still not over??? I made a list in my cute little journal thang, of all the things I had seen online, for sale, that I need to have. Currently waiting and praying that my paycheck comes through before the deals expire. Now that I think of it, I did a post of two online shops with sales currently. You can check it out here. But besides the sales there are a lot of youtube gurus who endorse these smaller makeup companies online with amazing prices! Some of the ones I frequent are colourpop cosmetics and LA Splash (waterproof liquid lipsticks omfg).

Yeah, I’ve navigated through the world wide web, found some great deals, made some spectacular purchases. You’d think it was over, right? WRONG! For some reason I’m still searching good old Google for deals; Tarte, Nars, Milani, ABH, Benefit, yes, even MAC! Why? I DON’T KNOOOOWWWW!

So, if you haven’t figured it out yet…

My name is Eileen and I’m addicted to online shopping.

Have a great weekend you guys, I’ll be in the dark searching yahoo next for some more deals.



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