Learning About Religion

Religion a lot of times is a subject not many people want to get into. I used to be the same way because of a belief inside me that its just a form of brainwashing. But how could I make such a statement without learning the values and views of the different denominations that exist? No, I don’t pretend to learn about ALLL of them as I am aware that there are way too many to even count, but if I can learn a little about a good handful then I’d be okay with that. So amazingly, the week that I sat down and thought about taking maybe bible study or something to that effect, TWO different denominations knocked on my door (crazy huh?). One was Jehovas Witnesses and the other one was Latter Day Saints. The Jehova Witness gifted me a bible (New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures) and the Mormons gifted me The Book of Mormon. The book of Mormon perplexed me sooo much! I never got too deep into it but somethings contradicted what was written in the bible and it left me confused. Anyway, this post isn’t about comparisons of the bible or what was said during our meetings. This first paragraph is basically setting you up for what’s to come.

What this post is really about is my disappointment with the LDS that came weekly to my house. First of all, they never seemed able to answer my questions and that’s okay. I’ve learned through bible study that no one ever really memorizes the bible completely. Or in other words, bible study is extensive. Adding to the fact that the two girls were quite young (around 19-21 years old), it seemed okay for them to have to research my questions themselves or ask someone with more experience with the bible for the answer. But the following week, their answer would not directly answer my question and so I still had a bit of confusion on the matter. Whenever they would come to my house for our study and I’d ask a question about sinning or forgiveness for sins, I felt judged. As if, they had already thought that I was this horrible person who had done something ridiculously bad but honestly I was just asking. I wanted to sort of push buttons and give them questions to think about not just to fuck with them (excuse the language)but because I was also looking for answers. The meetings after that became a bit awkward.


One thing that REAALLYY bothered me was that they had a habit of showing up extremely late from the time we had established or they’d show up randomly without any kind of  a heads up. It bothered me because I wasn’t presentable, I had not had the time to prepare  to discuss the material they’d left the week before, and I just found it to be discourteous. I discussed with them that a call would be nice if they were to come late or early to our meeting. Lastly, one of the sisters’ mission was just about to be up. I asked, what does this mean for our meetings? They told me that the other sister would still be coming every week but with someone new.  So I said, “Great! See you next week.” The next week came around and the sisters were a no show. Same with the week after that. I couldn’t find the sister who had left, on Facebook; like, she literally does not come up when I type her name in the search box. It’s a shame because I had a genuine interest in learning about them and their beliefs. Also, it was extremely surprising how irresponsible it was for them to just stop showing up without warning.


What would our heavenly Father think of their actions?? Hmm…


Til next time,



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