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I Passed Up a Kate Spade Purse for These…

It would have been my first ever Kate Spade purse, and some designer bag enthusiasts might think:

Kate Spade? Ha! That’s childs play

But to me it’s pretty cool even if it’s not the top of the top. They were having this surprise sale, 75% off and I thought to myself…I should really take advantage of this. I browsed through their site and I settled for this little number.


It was available in other colors but I needed something smaller than my MK travel tote but a color a bit more neutral than my HB so this was absolute perfection. And it’s super cute. But then! Something else caught my eye. I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon them, but I do know I’ve been wanting pink sneakers for a while now. So maybe I casually went on google and searched? I don’t know, but whatever I did fatefully led my eyes to feast upon great beauty. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to my latest conquest, the Reebok Classic Leather Spirit.


Aren’t they beautiful? Lol. I know this is not everyones cup of tea and I think that’s why I like them even more. I haven’t bought them yet but I will this week. The only problem I have with them is that every picture I’ve seen of these, shows them in a a different tone of pink. So I’m not really sure of what color they are exactly! But I’ve made up my mind that no matter what color they turn out to be, I KNOW I can rock ’em. Here are a couple of pictures just so you can understand a bit of my color struggle.

Don’t they look more pink? Rather than peach?
And these just look more on the orange side blegh


If you’d like, tell me what ya think! But until next time…


Eileen ❤


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