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What Happens When I Listen to Music

It’s been a while since I’ve just sat down and jammed out to music. I used to do it all the time in high school. Instead of doing homework I’d come home and spend hours rewinding songs and jotting down the lyrics in a notebook. Sometimes  after school I’d pop a mixed CD into the stereo and make up choreography to the songs in my living room. And of course can’t leave out singing into a hair brush in front of the mirror or while showering. That last one I still do every once in a while. But adulthood has taken all of that away from me. College leaves almost no room for this and my apartment has large blinds in the windows instead of glass, so I’m a bit embarrassed about the people passing by my apartment hearing me sing. 

Tonight though, I spent a couple of hours just listening to the classics that I used to love. I grew up in the boy band era (even though im not sure i’ve stopped growing up yet) so you can already imagine what that playlist sounds like. And not just one genre, a large range of genres. Anyway, sitting there took me into a whole nother world. One where I starred in every music video for each song that came on. I imagined the props I’d need, the hair and wardrobe, the locations where I’d shoot the video, basically the whole production.  I imagined how I would shoot it for social media apps like snapchat. I wondered about how the people who watch my snaps would react. But most importantly I thought about how much fun I’d have doing it. 

Just as quickly as my enthusiasm had gone through the roof, it came down even quicker. I realized I dont have as many hands as I’d need to pull it off. But I’m not so much sad about it. The images were fun while they lasted. I’m sure I’ll come across more in future jam sessions. But I do think I have to find that girl inside of me that did all of those things she loved doing once. 
Good Night everyone




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