Body Journey

The Chronicles of Jim: Day 1

Despite all of the obstacles thrown at me i had not lost my will and enthusiasm to start the gym. I was too excited and determined. With all the time lost between these obstacles the fuel I had consumed was no longer enough to last throughout my workout. But what else could I do? So on the treadmill I went. I was surprised that I was getting so tired walking at 3.5mph when usually I could at least go to 5! A little disheartened, I finished my 25 mins on the tradmill and moved on to a new machine. I had never seen this machine before and it was strange. I got on and once I got the hang of it I realized why no one was ever on that thing. It’s hard as fuck! (Thats what she said). Within 5 minutes my legs were burning and I was completely out of breath. I stopped to grab a drink and I could feel the room starting to spin and that feeling at the pit of my stomach that whatever I had for lunch might come back up. I stepped off the devils machine and my vision started flashing in and out as if someone was playing with the light switch. I sat down and waited till it all simmered. I didnt want to end my gym session with only 30 mins of work so I sat on the recumbent bike and peddled like I had better things to do with my life. I had had it and I was ready to go home. Despite all of this I still managed to burn about 400 calories. Not such a good time for the first day back but its a start. 
Height: 5’3

Starting Weight: 162

Bday Goal Weight: 140-150

Overall Goal Weight: 130
You can follow my struggles with food on myfitnesspal: eileenpineapple

And my workout log on bodyspace: eileenpineapple


Eileen ❤


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