Body Journey

The Chronicles of Jim: Day 2 + 3


My gym partner almost stood me up but I didn’t  let her. I showed up at her apartment, woke her up, and got her dressed. Originally we had planned for a 9:30pm workout and instead ended up at the gym at 11. Crazy, I know. The treadmill I used the day before must have been defective cause this time I was going  uphill at 5.5 mph and it was just as fast as the 3.5mph treadmill. After 30 mins on the treadmill I was soaked. I had forgotten my face towel in the locker and feeling the bullets of sweat tickle my face as it trickled down made the half hour seem more intense. Today I would start weight training, and as I looked over to that section I could feel anxiety turn its ugly little head. Thankfully, though, that area was not packed like it usually is so my anxiety was minimal. My workout program on Bodyspace was confusing. What’s a drop set?? And why are there more than one? And the machines at the gym had me all kinds of fucked up, mainly because I wasnt quite sure how to use them. Either way I worked a little of everything, I guess; middle back, lats, biceps, obliques, and shoulders. 


Today is pure cardio day. Feels good to sweat! My diet so far has been on point. No slip ups, no soda, no excessive amounts of sugar, no baked goods (my kryptonite). I tried baking oatmeal pancake muffins as an on the go breakfast since mornings I tend to always be in a hurry. It didnt bake as i planned. They were dense and stuck to the paper lining. If someone has any tips on how to lighten then up a little pleasr let me know in a comment! I was thinking of adding an egg next time. So cardio basically consisted of 30 mins on the treadmill, 8 mins on the devils machine, and 15 mins on the stationary bike. Yes ladies and gentleman I revisted the devils machine and while exhausting, not so scary this time around. 
Cant believe im about to complete a whole week of consistency! Pat on the back for that.
Also if u were wondering about my partner on this day, Yes she was napping and yes we lost about an hour and a half waiting for her to get ready! 
Staying focused,

Eileen ❤


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