Body Journey

The Chronicles of Jim: Day 4 & 5

Another cardio day. As much as I love cardio, two days in a row of an hour of cardio felt a little boring. Tomorrow though I get to hit the weights and work on legs . I forgot to mention in one of the previous posts how I witnessed a woman get DRAAGGED by the treadmill. Matter of fact, I was the one who pressed the emergency stop button. This event furthermore elevated my fear of jogging/running on the treadmill. Oh yeah, I’ve never mentioned that I’m actually afraid of letting go of the handle bars on the treadmill. She laughed it off so I guess she wasn’t seriously hurt. 


I did not visit my friend the gym today. I was not feeling very well. I had a general feeling of weariness after 3pm. I felt pain and pressure behind my eyes. This made me fall asleep twice in the day. And later on I developed a headache. Thinking back on the day there was only one thing that I had done differently than any other day. I didn’t have my normal cup of joe in the morning. I guess this means I’m an addict??? But surely tomorrow I will pay my dues to the gym after work since they close earlier than usual. 

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