Gerard Cosmetics Lips & BH cosmetics Bone Structure

Finally! My orders from Gerard Cosmetics and BH cosmetics arrived in the mail! I was so excited on the way to pick up my packages. BH package arrived first and GC afterwards. Since I am overseas and I order through a different shipping comment I cannot really comment on the time of delivery because it takes several more days to get here, but it felt like a lifetime. Maybe that’s just my impatience talking.

I ordered the Contour and Blush 2 palatte as well as the 10 pc sculpt and blend brush set from BH. From GC I ordered 3 lip products that included a lipstick, a lipgloss, and a liquid lipstick.


Lets start with the Gerard Cosmetics party pout lip trio!

So here are the swatches on my hand, the first in outdoor lighting and the second in indoor lighting. From top to bottom the colours I chose were Serenity (liquid lipstick), Enchante (Satin Lipstick), and Buttercream (lip gloss). It’s funny because the first day I tried them on I didn’t like any of them! LOL. After a couple days I grew to love them more and more. Just seeing them in different lighting, experimenting with how much product to apply, and paring them with lip liners really turned them into shades perfect for my face and complexion.


I LOVED the gold plated packaging especially on the bullet! It makes it feel very expensive and almost regal. A fun little extra they added are the lights on the wand of the lipgloss and a small mirror. This makes it pretty handy for if you’re on a night out and you need to reapply but it’s kind of dark out. Honestly though, I prefer not to use the light because it changes the color that you see in the mirror and once the light is off you might have a complete mess on your lips.



I first saw this shade on a well known makeup artist name Ashley K. Holm on instagram and I fell in love. This is what actually drove me to the GC website to make a purchase.


I know, right?!? It’s ridiculously gorgeous. The texture is very creamy and it has a smooth application. In the box they had added a little flyer of different instagrammers with the lipstick on and it was ridiculous how different it looked on everyone! It ranged anywhere from a vibrant pink (or fuschia) to a purple color. So I was quite nervous since the color I had fallen in love with on this particular mua is what I really wanted. On me it turned out a little more berry than the greyish toned purple on Ashley Holm, but still it’s different than any other lipstick I currently owned and it looks good so I’m pretty happy.




Trying this on the first time was quite the disaster. The texture is very thick. I guess this is the formula companies use when they want a lip gloss to be more pigmented or opaque. I didn’t mind it too much but just know this isn’t the greatest choice to ride in the car with the windows down. Your hair will get soooo stuck on your lips it’ll become a nuisance. The first time I applied it was a very light color. I felt like it washed out my face or my face (complexion) was just too dark for this shade. I learned to love it because if I just dabbed on the color instead of swiping all the product on my lips, I could get that baby pink hue that I’ve always longed for. As far as the light on the wand, you pretty much know how I feel about that already.




I found out that before Kylie Jenner created her line of liquid lipsticks she used a certain color from GC. So I searched and I found Serenity. The formula on this liquid lipstick is very nice. I found that unlike the Stila liquid lipstick in Patina that I own, this one did not leave my lips overly dry at the end of the day. Staying power was not amazing. I found myself having to reaaply at least twice throughout the day. Regardless, I cannot stress enough how much I love this color and I’ve gotten so many compliments. Sometimes people think it’s my natural lip color. Tee-hee-hee. But yeah theres not much else to say about this one.



BH Cosmetics Contour and Blush Palette 2


I’m gonna wiz right through this one because I feel like this post is getting really LONG! So I actually really like the blushes which are the two at the very top. I’ve been using those everyday so far. These colors are SO pigmented and a little goes a long way. A rarely do like full face heavy contouring, only if i have an event or I’m going somewhere fancy. I feel like the 1st palette they had put out would have been a better choice for me. The contour color is not warm (by warm I mean not much red to the color) enough for my liking. I contour my cheekbone with it but I use a bronzer to minimize the size of my forehead and to just bring warmth to my face in general. But I chose this one because I really didn’t want the pink blushes that are part of the 1st palette.


BH Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend 2- 10 pc Brush Set

These brushes are amazing. They are so soft and I have not experienced any fallout whatsoever with them. For a minute I was a little overwhelmed by the purpose of each one. Like, I kept forgetting what each one was for and in the end I basically just use them however I see fit. I do my research and I saw a lot of people complain about the initial chemical smell that they have right out of the box. Personally, I didn’t mind the smell and so I didn’t give them a wash before actually using them. Now, it may not exactly be because of the brushes but i’m currently going through a pretty bad break out. Just to be safe I would suggest you to wash the brushes before actually using them! But they do make EXCELLENT pieces to have in any brush collection. My favorites are the flat top buffing brush and the precision detailer brush. The buffing brush just took my foundation to a whole nother level…so AIRBRUSHED. The precision detailer brush allowed me to apply highlight in the corner of my eye…well, with more precision, duh! Instead of creating a mess of highlight I can now limit it to the areas I want.


Thanks for sticking through it all with me! If you have any of these products I’d love to hear how you pair them or use them, your favorite shades, or any tips and tricks you might have!


Stay Gorgeous!

Eileen ❤


2 thoughts on “Gerard Cosmetics Lips & BH cosmetics Bone Structure

  1. I am so jealous of everything you have here! The brushes, the kit and most importantly, you brows and lips!

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