Recycled Tumblr Posts 2

This one is kind of creepy because after this crazy girlfriend he ended up finding someone calm and passive…and now they’re married with a child. CRAAZYY.



July 10, 2012

Dear Cupid


dear cupid,

I know i’ve asked you for favors many times before. and btw i never did get a chance to say thanks for the last favor. But this time the favor is not for me, it’s for my cousin. I know he’s done me wrong a couple of times but that doesn’t mean that i don’t want the best for him i mean he IS family, unfortunately (lol i keed). Anyway, he’s had his fair shares of crazy girlfriends. And when i say crazy i mean some mental ass bitches (excuse my language). I know that couldn’t have been your doing bc i’ve seen your aiming skills improve over the past couple of years. If you could please aim it at someone who’s maybe not on the brink of being admitted into a mental institution i would greatly appreciate it. And i know this may not be in your department but maybe you could steal some fairy dust and sprinkle it on this last chick so that she doesn’t do anything crazy to sabotage him, his career, or his property. I think its about time he meets a nice, calm, submissive/passive girl that he can finally just settle down with.

I owe you one ❤



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