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Welcome to Stationery Heaven


For the longest time I’ve had a fascination with stationery and planners. I guess it started in middle school, every year we would receive planners from the school. The planners proudly displayed the school’s name on the cover and usually there was a cool sort of holographic image too. Inside it contained pockets for important papers like homework or school notices and pages filled with stickers that you could add to your notes. Knowing that I was going to be gifted a new planner every year prompted me to beg and beg and beg my mother for pens with different colored ink and if I was lucky I could get her to buy gel pens which were all the rage in those days. I NEVER forgot to write down my homework for each class in my planner and even when I didn’t have any homework, I simply wrote “no homework.” I’d heard that it was important for a girl to keep track of her menstrual cycle and I used that as another excuse to scribble in my planner. A boy snatched my planner once and started to go through it, reading page by page, and when he got to the day where I had written “got my period” (with a red colored tear shape) he began to mock me. I was so embarrassed that I never ever penciled in my menstrual cycle into my planner. I won’t even get into how excited I would get to receive stationery sets for my birthday as a kid. They were those sets where it brought cutely designed pages along with envelopes of the same theme. Sometimes it would bring a matching pencil or pen. I would use these to write notes to my friends in middle school.




When I got to high school having a planner was not happening. Not because it wasn’t cool, but because it wasn’t free anymore and I don’t think my mom believed it was really something I absolutely needed for school. But oh, how I longed for one. Going to walmart for school supplies was one of the highlights of the year, along with holidays and my birthday. I loved the feel of new notebooks, folders, packs of paper, highlighters, pens, mechanical pencils, post it notes, etc. Because my mom was kind of a frugal mom, I didn’t always get the things that I wanted. You know, like the notebooks that had pictures of cute sanrio characters or recording artists, or even just the huge cool bulky 5 subject notebooks from Five Star. I had to settle for the 1 subject notebooks that were like a dollar each (these are actually my favorite kinds of notebooks now). At one point I was obsessed with having binders and buying laminated sheets, dividers,  and hole punchers. Not just any hole puncher though, the kind that has the 3 holes for storage inside the binder! If it had three holes on the margin of the paper, it was going into my binder.


I had two stages in college, as far as stationery goes. The first stage was a sad one. Basically, I used 1 notebook for every class. Can you say DISORGANIZED?? I also used whatever pen I could find. I would look around though, and see people bring their fancy apple notebooks to class. But I was so busy trying to be too cool for school to care that much, even though deep down inside I wanted to tote around a sleek awesome machine like that! Even still a trip to the stationery store was like a day at Disney World. The second stage of college is a very recent one and it’s where I spoiled myself the most. I bought everything I could ever need/want for my classes. I tried so hard to be on top of assignments and agendas. Neon pencils, page markers, fancy unique pens, the best highlighters money could buy, pencil cases from forever 21 with trendy designs, I even custom made subject dividers with my favorite images from the internet. At the beginning of the semester I was the most excited I’d ever been to reach down into my bag and pull out all of the shiny new things I would get to use in class.


Now that I am done with classes I’ve renewed my love for planners. Planners are something that we can always find a use for throughout our whole lives. And what a relief!! I mean, where would I be if i couldn’t find use for notebooks and highlighters anymore??? Surely in a psych ward writing letters on the wall to deceased presidents. Even as I type this blog post I can feel my obsession for all of these things slightly increasing in my blood.

My current obsession and object of conquest 🙂

Until next time, peace out.


Eileen ❤




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