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Jewelry?? Get It Away From Me!

I grew up a tomboy up until I was in 8th grade. Looking back on it today, I think my mother must have been so disappointed in not being able to dress me the way she’d like. My mother was the epitome of WOMAN. Her hair was always in the right place and even with 2 small children heels and a mini skirt was always an option. She loved her jewelry! She always had a group of bangles on her wrist, a watch on the other, dangly earrings, and a necklace. I, on the other hand, wanted to be the complete opposite of my mothers image. I hated dresses. My go to outfit was always jeans and a rather large tshirt. Earrings were not so much bothersome as long as they were studs. You know, you sort of forget they’re even there. But hoop earrings? No, thank you. Gold necklaces with my name in script? No, thank you. Sometime around the earlier years of high school I lost one of the pair of studs I wore religiously. They were a gift from my aunt and I was super bummed when I realized there was only one left. I took the lonely pair off and till this day my ears have not seen another pair. Thats over 10 years you guys!


Naturally the holes closed up but I didn’t mind much. I mean it’s not like I ever saw earrings as an important staple to my outfit or even part of a good definition as to who I am and therefore I didn’t miss them. Funny enough, this blog post isn’t about how I’ve morphed into some kind of metaphorical butterfly and now I wear, or want to wear earrings all the time. I actually found myself in a piercing place while having a girls day with my friends. These girls already have tons of piercings on one ear alone and here I am with none. LOL. I thought well, I had them once before so why not get fresh new holes to fill w nice new studs. I was so nervous about a gun piercing through my earlobe; I felt my heart start to race. I tightly shut my eyes as the guy got close to me with the gun. And BAM! I felt it. It was unexpected. It stung. My earlobe was left throbbing. I thought to myself, “what a baby!” as I told the the dude it kinda hurt. The left one hurt a bit more than the first, but I didn’t cry! Haha. In all actuality, I really was being a baby.


I stood up (half expecting a lollipop) and walked over to the mirror. The first thing that comes out of my mouth is…”I look like a boy…with earrings.” I definitely look more girly, but being a tomboy for most of my life, I saw a boy with earrings. Although I do like pink and pastel colored everything, maybe I’m still not ready to live the jewelry kind of life. Right now, I’ll stick to makeup and getting over my fear of wearing dresses (at 28 years old, oh boy) and maybe when I’m 50 I’ll finally get more comfortable with drenching myself in jewelry. We’ll never know.




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