Vlogging Before it was Cool.

I guess I’ve always wanted a bit of the spotlight. I’ve always felt like I would be a cool person to follow around. I don’t exactly have exciting things to do all the time but I consider myself sort of an entertainer when a camera is around. I begged my mom for a video camera and she surprised me with a pocket camera before leaving to study abroad. I was in love with this camera and I tried to vlog with it. I even went as far as uploading one of those on youtube. Sometimes I wonder if I might have been a youtube sensation at this point if I had kept it up.


The other day I logged into an old vimeo account and found the very first vlog I had ever recorded. So if you’re into listening to people ramble and talk about random events in their lives than hit the play button. For me though, it’s just funny to watch. It’s like going into old albums and getting a reminder of who you were at that specific time. It puts a smile on my face. I really liked the person I am in this video and I’ve slowly been getting myself reacquainted with that side of my personality.

So, I hope everyone enjoys 21 yr old me!




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