Recycled Tumblr Posts 3

June 12, 2012
gay for pay?

Do you believe it?

Would u believe a guy who has a girlfriend but does gay porn is still straight?

He’s never bottom. (doesn’t get it in the ass) But he does do blow jobs on camera. and makes out with dudes.

He says that while he’s “working” he just imagines the ass is a womans behind. and he says to get hard beforehand he watches straight porn bc he genuinely isn’t into men and doesn’t get aroused by them.

Would you, a straight male, do gay porn for 9k a month? (what he says he makes roughly). under his conditions, meaning never getting it in the ass.

I don’t know. I think if you’re a male having any kind of sexual contact with another male. thats pretty gay if i do say so myself. But its funny that i don’t think two females making out isn’t gay. I think once the superior lips meet the inferior lips that might constitute one as being gay. but i think the rules are different for females. females are known to be so open about their sexuality. But since men are so “macho” or pretend to be.  so freaked out by homosexuality i think that’s why the circumstances are different.

Anyway go easy on me tumblr. I don’t mean to offend anyone. just expressing my thoughts on this gay for pay thing i recently read about on reddit. and i would like to hear other peoples thoughts on this subject.


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