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10 Things I’ve Never Done That Maybe I Should Have Done

There’s a lot that we can all say we’ve never done in life…and then there are those things that maybe by the age of 28, we should have experienced already. I’m not talking about things like travel the world or go skydiving. I’m talking about very common things that everyone has access to.


10. Never Gone to Court

I got summoned once for jury duty but…I never went. I forgot the date. Which leads to my next never…


9. Never Gotten a Traffic Ticket

And because of this, another reason I’ve never gone to court. I follow laws. I’m pretty afraid of getting pulled over. I’ve been pulled over as a routine kinda thing, maybe I looked suspicious, who knows?


8. Never been to a spa

Never gotten spa things done. Like, facials or massages.

7. Never Gotten a Tattoo

I know it might seem like thats not such a common thing to do in life…but i do believe that tattoos are so much more common today than any other time. And it just seems like everyone these days has a tattoo!


6. Never Owned Spanx

I used to sell them at a small department store…but never knew exactly what its purpose was…

5. Never Broken a Bone

I feel like everyone has a story from when they were younger about how they broke a leg or an arm and i’m just over here like…..”i never left the house as a child” *cricket cricket* no, i’m kidding. But my mom was very overprotective of me.


4. Never had a Pedicure Done

Okay, you got me, I lied…just got one for the first time last week!  But up until that time…NEVER.

3. Never Played a Sport on a School Team

Goes hand in hand with the broken bones one. Overprotective mother. She preferred I do things like Ballet, Chorus, Band, Piano, etc.

2. Never Licked a Butthole

Fine, a lot of people haven’t done this probably…but too many have…

*side note* Totally saw this happening on a primetime TV show!!! And I was like WWHHEENNN did this start becoming ssoooo acceptable that it is now on a television series?!?! Poop comes out of there…

1. Couldn’t think of any more Nevers!

It started getting a lot harder when I reached the halfway mark. But also made me realize that there’s a lot of things that I have done that not many have and i’m ONLY 28! Maybe I’ll post that sometime in the future. But as always:


Thank you for reading!

You’re awesome,


Eileen ❤


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