My First Time: Planner Edition

Wait, it’s not what you think! I didn’t plan my first time but it was my first time planning. LOL. If you’re a little confused as to what I’m referring to it is literally a planner. A while back I purchased my very first planner. You can read all about my love for planners here. It was love at first click.


The pink, the gold, oh how lush! Everyday I find dumb reasons to open it up and write in tasks and appointments that need to be done for the day/week. Then, youtube opened a whole new chapter to this whole planning thing where the world of scrapbooking and planning joined forces. My eyes grew large and I may have even gotten a little tear-eyed. I saw markers, stickers, and doodles being placed on the planner pages. I was in complete awe. I received an email from informing  me that there was a great big sale on their website and I immediately went and started filling up my cart with everything my little heart desired.


As soon as my cart hit 100 dollars I knew I had a problem. Slowly I started eliminating things that I didn’t necessarily neeeeed. Honestly I didn’t need any of what was in my cart but I desired them. Need and desire came to an agreement and my subtotal went from $100 to $12.89 for 13 items! I placed the order before my eyes could have the chance to wander through the site again. Yesterday was the day.


My boyfriend came through that door with this big ol’ box from the post office and I knew. I let out a yelp of pure joy and proceeded to remove the contents from the box. I marveled at each and every item. I had forgotten the things I ordered and when I saw them in person, in my hands, they all looked so perfect. My head began to already map out what each item was going to be used for and how I could decorate my weekly inserts.



Finally I sat down and did as I’ve watched plenty of talented women do on youtube…I decorated. This is what resulted:



I hope you liked reading as much as I enjoyed writing it! Until next time, friends, stay cute!




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