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Recycled Tumblr Post 4

MARCH 24, 2012
Free Psychic Reading…

I appreciate when i go to a psychics website and they’re straight up and have their prices. But I just ran into one that on her website she states:

People don’t understand why I do Psychic Readings for free. I do not feel it’s right to charge for something god has gifted to me to do. I have been very blessed with things in my life. I love to help people and give advice. I help people with their problems by giving them a free psychic reading.

So i’m like niceee. she seems legit. Bc everyone else is basically doing it for monetary gain. So i send her an email bc at the time it was like 1 in the morning and i felt bad calling that late. She responded to me 2 days ago and she said to call her. So i do.

So i call her. and she doesn’t let me talk much…which is cool. she just asks where i’m calling from and my birthday. And she starts to say things about me that are true. She says i’m very stressed right now, she says that i’m an honest person, she says i don’t like to ask for help, or show what i’m truly feeling. That there’s always a smile on my face but sadness in my heart. Everything was right but that wasn’t really what i was looking for out of the call. But i didn’t interrupt her i kept letting her talk. She kept repeating that she wanted to help me but i have to let her help me. and i wasn’t really sure what she meant by that but again i didn’t interrupt i let her speak. At the very end she says

I really want to help you and give u spiritual guidance…….

Eileen, do you have 150 dollars right now.


Well, i will pray for you and when you do get 150 dollars call me back.


????? i did not see that coming. i mean what happened to “i don’t charge moniesss bc its a gift from God” bullshitt!!

my trust was completely broken.


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