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The Honeymoon Phase

The honeymoon phase does exist, and it is quite lovely! ❤


After 5 years of sweet highs and horrendous lows my boyfriend finally proposed to me! I had no idea it was coming and only afterwards did I realize that everyone had been mentioning marriage that week.


It was a long and rainy day full of errands to run. I was told that the plans for that night was to have a going away dinner for my grandparents by the beach. All the women in my family were talking about how dressy they were going to get and honestly, I wasn’t feeling it. So, I called my cousin and told her “I think I’m just gonna go kinda casual.” She mentioned how we were to take photographs for our grandparents to keep…and the pressure was on. Ugghh, this meant a last minute trip to the mall. I hate last minute trips to the mall.


The traffic was unbearable because of the weather. It took about 45 minutes to get anywhere that would usually be a 10 minute drive. But finally I had reached the mall. Even though I was super behind on schedule, being the perfectionist I am, I had to check out every one of my favorite stores; just in case I was missing out on something more gorgeous than the something before it. So in and out of dressing rooms I went. I decided to go back to the original dress I had tried on just to call it day. We had already asked to move the reservation time about twice and I was way behind. I was stressing out thinking about the time I had left to do my hair and make up, which is usually what takes the longest.


I got home and changed as quickly as possible and started on my makeup. My cousin called and said she was too hungry and that they would head out first.I was okay with it. My eyeliner was wobbly, my hair was greasy, my legs had some stubble, and I was sweaty as a HOG. I just wanted to get there and be able to relax.


The restaurant was beautiful. I had been to the other beach restaurants that had surrounded the area but never to this one. It was much like the other ones but this one supposedly had better food. I don’t eat much seafood so I had a very strange salad. This salad had sweeter fruits with a hint of a salty sort of dressing. It was weird. Not my cup of tea but since I was also trying to keep a diet a downed it all. The waiter came around and asked if anybody was to order desserts and I very sleepily said no. It was late and I was falling asleep. The dress was sort of low cut in the chest and i’m not used to showing much cleavage so it was making me a bit uncomfortable. I was ready for bed and as soon as my cousin and my brother finished desserts I said “Can we ask for the check now?? I’m ready to go.”


My cousin asked me if I’d go with her to the bathroom, I said sure…you know, girl code? She ended up just taking selfies of herself while i stood in the background ready to fall asleep on the sandy, wet wooden floor boards. We headed back to the table and I took my seat. I was literally almost about to fall asleep when my boyfriend stood up and faced my family. He started to speak, first thanking everyone for being able to be there, and then he said that this had a long time coming, and it hit me. I looked over at my cousin and I said,

“oh shit”

This was it. I had been waiting for this for 3 years. He turned to me, got down on his knees, and said the those incredible 4 words, “will you marry me”. I could only feel my eyes start to water at this point and I hate letting anyone see me cry. I covered my face with one hand and held my other hand out as I nodded. I said yes. I wasn’t even sure what hand the ring went on but that wasn’t important. I hugged him, I cried, everyone clapped and congratulated us. And thus, the honeymoon phase began.

The BIGGEST (and most wonderful) surprise of my life.


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