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My WHOLE Life Has Changed

It’s so crazy how in the span of 2 or 3 months my whole life has changed!


I don’t know where we last left off, I think I had announced my engagement, but things have been moving along pretty FAST. I remember the high I had from being freshly engaged and starting to think of all the planning that I was looking forward to. I was so excited to know that, well for one my wedding Pinterest board was going to come to life, but also that me and my boyfriend were finally taking the steps to get married!


Shortly after I received a call from my friend about a job offer. I had been offered jobs before at various vet clinics but I was too afraid to accept them. I only thought about how I had been out of school for 6 months, haven’t reviewed too much material in that time, and I didn’t know jack shit. Why would I embarrass myself by taking a job as a DOCTOR at a vet clinic?? But I had a pep talk with my grandma (very inspirational lady) and, with her in mind, I accepted the job and threw myself head first into the challenge! I must admit it was definitely hard at first. The Dr. would quiz me sometimes over the most basic things and I couldn’t answer his questions. I would leave work with this huge disappointment over my head but I started to just read and research a little everyday and slowly but steadily I’ve been able to pass his rigorous little pop quizzes. I feel so LUCKY or BLESSED that I get to work with a Dr. who is patient and loves to educate.



The most newest of news hit me this month in August. In early August I had stopped drinking coffee for two days in a row and was starting to feel sick to my stomach. I kept blaming it on the coffee and maybe a slight (or serious) caffeine addiction. I mean we’re talking about a person who drinks coffee EVERYDAY and max 3x a day. But this sickly feeling lasted more than a week and was accompanied by nausea and vomiting. A lot of people around me were saying that I could be pregnant but the month before I had a period and I wasn’t late (YET!) with my next one. So in order to get that out of the way I went and took a pregnancy test. The results came back and whaddyaknow, it’s POSITIVE!


I wasn’t thrilled at first. I had so much going on; wedding to plan, new job, thesis, trying to move out, and now a baby! It seemed almost impossible. It put a huge dent in my timeline of future events. And now even more planning and decision making was needed.

How far along am I?

What does this mean for my thesis?

Will I be able to graduate on time?

Will I have the baby here or in the states?

It just all felt like such a mess. But even with that being said the choice was obvious. No matter what circumstances I was currently in, I am keeping this baby. Yesterday I had my first sonogram. My obgyn predicted I was about 6 wks about 2 wks ago so at 8 wks I wasn’t expecting to see anything crazy. His prediction was based off of my last period but as it turns out I had a period while pregnant. When the lady saw the baby she immediately said: “You are way further along than 8 wks. You’re actually 12 wks!”

I was stunned! The image on the screen showed an actual human being inside me; it had arms and legs and at one point looked like it was sucking its thumb! I could not believe it. It was so surreal. I just kept thinking, omg that’s inside me! There’s a human inside me! As if this concept was so new to the world. I didn’t cry but seeing that made me so excited and happy for what’s to come.


I hope you enjoy the read and have a lovely rest of the week! I’ll check back in soon!


Sending glitter and sparkles your way,



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