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I Talk to Myself

Every night I take my dog out for a mini walk just so she can empty whatever last minute peepee or poo she might have stored up and I always end up talking to myself; in my head of course, not aloud…that would make me seem crazy. I make up different scenarios, usually something dramatic, like maybe I caught my pretend boyfriend cheating or my best friend betrayed me. Then I start making up the dialogue between the two characters. I give them names and a physical appearance. It’s almost kind of like when you read the description of a fictional character in a book and slowly you start to visualize what they look like. Mine almost ALWAYS have an accent, either British or an english-french accent. Last night it was a man with a heavy New York accent articulating his opinion on friendships between opposite sexes of major age gaps. Obviously, his opinions were just a reflection of my own but he said it in such a passionate aggressive way, which I would never do. I pictured him wearing a beanie, hispanic, very angled and structured face, big jaw covered in stubble, husky build, wearing one of those tan jackets with the wool interior.



I am moments away from walking my beautiful little Chloe and I’m just wondering, who will pop into my head this time?


Good Night



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