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Pregnancy Update! Complications and Gender Reveal

You would think pregnancy is a cake walk until you have the absolute shit scared out of you!

Everything was going along just fine. I would continue on with my routine of going to work and bending and kneeling, picking up puppies, and walking back and forth from here to there. My scrubs were starting to get uncomfortable to wear as well as any jeans i owned (which is pretty much all I own).

Then one day I’m sitting in the consultation room studying and researching, when i feel somwthing heavy come down, I ignore it thinking it’s just some heavy vaginal discharge. But there was also a pressure building in my lower abdomen; sort of like when you have to go pee. So, I went to the bathroom and when I wiped was when I saw it.

There was red. Red (more of a brownish red) against the clean white toilet paper, I froze. I was trying to control my breathing as I could feel a panic attack coming on. But it was too late. All my mind was doing was thinking of abortion and I felt the tears slowly gathering at the edges of my eyes. As soon as I got back into the consultation room I let it all out. I cried. I was freaking out. I called my OB and he asked me a series of questions and requested an ultrasound first thing in the morning.

The next morning went straight to the Doc. I was still bleeding but not as heavy as the day before. I was so happy to hear when the technician said she didnt see anything threatening to the baby. Regardless, the Doctor said it was a risk going back to work and gave me sick leave from work and said I was to strictly stay in bed for a week! I was only to get up to shower, use restroom or eat.


And for 5 days thats what I did, unwillingly. I grew so tired of being in bed. Netflix got old….QUICK. And social media was starting to bore me. I missed halloween but thats okay as long as my baby was getting the rest and healing he needed.


While I was getting the ultrasound done the technician asked if I wantes to know the gender and very excitedly i answered “YES”.  And there it was, clear as day, right between its legs: a little baby boy. In my heart I knew it was a boy but i just wanted it to be a girl soo bad! Lol. Either way it’s a blessing and I’m happy to be bringing home little baby Liam not so far off in the future.


Thanks for reading and coming along on this journey with me!


❤ Eileen


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