Make a Vision Board! Do it Now!



Let’s pretend like I haven’t been SUPER M.I.A from this blog! Great, sounds fun! I want to share my premature experience with my vision board! I say premature because it has literally been only about a week since I made one but I can honestly say that I’m already seeing my productivity increase.


For the longest time I had been trying to just get up off my ass and start dealing with things that I should have had done ages ago. I kept putting things off and using other events in my life as an excuse to procrastinate and I was very well aware of myself doing it. Very rarely do I go into Pinterest and browse but when I did recently I found a board I had made a long time ago that is all about organizing for productivity. Within that board were pins on vision boards. I probably went on for 2 weeks after that thinking about a vision board and maybe it would fix all of my life problems! I just didn’t know where to start. I asked my best friend for a picture of hers which was very plain, straight to the point and practical. On pinterest I had seen these BEAUTIFUL vision boards that were just so aesthetically and visually pleasing but I thought


I wanted the in between; something visually pleasing but also straight to the point. I also had no idea where to even start this creation. Finally I took advantage of a crappy day and my husband being home early and I sat down by myself and got it done! I grabbed a couple of old magazines I got from my moms apartment for this very project and I got to cutting and gluing. While I flipped through the magazines searching for images and words I thought to myself, I need words that will really move me and motivate me. I found great words like “determined”, “reprogram your future”, “show your confidence”. I even found a list that’s sort of a guide on happiness!


So far, my goals geared toward graduating college are really being mapped out. Every time I see that little graduation cap I want to work harder on finishing my thesis. As far as the body goals go, they’re still not taking off as I’d hoped. But maybe soon that will also change. I just have to trust the process.


Check out my vision board on my Bullet Journal/Planner inspired Instagram: @thepineappleplanner_

Also feel free to check out my everyday IG @eileenpineapple


See ya next time!


2 thoughts on “Make a Vision Board! Do it Now!

  1. Vision boards are great ideas! Thanks for the reminder. I set one up electronically on a program that shows on all my devices. That way I can look at it on my phone when I’m on the go.

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