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10 Things I’ve Never Done That Maybe I Should Have Done

There’s a lot that we can all say we’ve never done in life…and then there are those things that maybe by the age of 28, we should have experienced already. I’m not talking about things like travel the world or go skydiving. I’m talking about very common things that everyone has access to.   10.… Continue reading 10 Things I’ve Never Done That Maybe I Should Have Done

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Welcome to Stationery Heaven

For the longest time I’ve had a fascination with stationery and planners. I guess it started in middle school, every year we would receive planners from the school. The planners proudly displayed the school’s name on the cover and usually there was a cool sort of holographic image too. Inside it contained pockets for important… Continue reading Welcome to Stationery Heaven

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I’ve Become an Addict??

One of the downers of living on an island is that shopping (especially for makeup) can be quite limited. Drugstore brands, which are supposed to be more affordable, are more expensive than you’d find them in the states! And (did anyone else learn in school that you should never start a sentence with “and”?) the… Continue reading I’ve Become an Addict??

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Deciding to become a better me….or NOT

   Good morning to you! Yes, you, the beautiful soul that has taken the time to read this silly little blog post about a girl who just can’t manage to get her shit together. I’m pretty sure that 3/5 people reading this will relate because it’s quite a common dilemma for us late 20-something-year-olds. I… Continue reading Deciding to become a better me….or NOT