Casual Christmas Outfit

Casual Christmas Outfit
My first polyore set!! Just signed up because I needed a quick and easy way to put outfits together to share with you all. I was inspired by all of the Christmas/NYE 2014 outfit posts on my reader and decided I would like to do the same. So basically this is what I plan to wear for Christmas because I want to look nice but I want to be comfortable. Usually, my cousins and I all get super dressed up and girly for the holidays but this year I won’t be travelling back home for the holidays because my mom wants to come to the Dominican Republic for the holidays. It’ll just be me, my mom, my boyfriend, and his family so I’m going for a more casual and comfy look. Look at that watch, though! It would go so fabulously with the whole outfit so i’m going to keep my eyes open for something similar. I would love to see what you’re planning on wearing. Maybe i’ll get more inspired to add more items. Can you believe I’ve shopped for my outfit but I haven’t shopped for gifts yet?!?! Holy cow. Christmas is almost here!

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