Your Boyfriend Could Never Replace Your Girl Friends

There is nothing better than having a night/day out, or in, with your girls! You have a couple of drinks, do a little gossiping, give each other advice and most importantly you just have someone who will listen, pay attention, and be genuinely interested in what you have to say. Let’s face it, no matter how much we love our boyfriends or how much they love us, there are just some things that they will never be interested in listening to  i.e the latest collection at mac, kylie’s next lip kit restock, or how Gigi Hadid and Zayne Malik are totally not a couple anymore. And that’s where our girl friends come in to play.


But what if your boyfriend doesn’t like your friends? So much to the point that he’s just completely rude about him/her when you mention their name, and maybe even when they’re around?! Well let me serve you some of this much needed reality check. Your boyfriend will NEVER be your best friend in the total sense of the words. He doesn’t want to hear about how your favorite youtuber beauty gurus are currently in a twitter war, he doesn’t want to sit and compare cosmetic highlighters and he definitely doesn’t want to be seen at a Beyonce concert!! So, with that being said, having girl friends is so important and special not only because we can truly dive into the things we LOVE to talk about with them but they bring balance to our lives.


I speak from total experience. A lot of times, us women sacrifice a lot in order to make our partners happy but consequently we end up sacrificing what makes us happy. If I’m not happy because I’ve sacrificed my social relationships for my boyfriend, odds are I’m not going to be happy in my romantic relationship. I feel like many times, and it goes both ways: men with women and vice versa, we lose friends when we are fully committed to a relationship and we end up losing those friends because at the end of the day we neglect them. Sometimes the pain we cause our friends by neglecting them is irrecoverable.


So please, please, please, friends are gems! If your boyfriend truly loves you, he will learn to accept that you’re friends with this certain someone because they make you happy. Ultimately we just want the people we love to be happy. So schedule a girls night out, a lunch date, or just pick up the phone and talk for a little while to that special friend, but don’t leave them out in the cold. Really, your boyfriend doesn’t need to interact with this person but your heart does. And your heart will thank you a thousand times over for it.


Thanks for reading,


Eileen ❤



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